Monday, January 12, 2009


Golden Globes 2009- Drew Barrymore
Originally uploaded by Kamela_Cody

even though i'm confident this picture says it ALL, i must exclaim my disdain... for the hair. i was wishing she would just go ahead and make out with jessica lange on stage (i think it was close...) so that it might take my mind off the crazy hair. not a good look for anyone. she's usually adorable though, so i guess it's okay.


  1. I really enjoy your blog!! I love all of your handmade pillows!

  2. thanks so much!! i have no idea what i'm doing, you know. : ) but it's so fun! and the pillows are soon to be on etsy. i will post a link once i figure out how to do that!!!!! (i'm being serious) haha!

  3. yes...her hair stressed me out a bit! ;-)
    glad you're in on the spending hiatus! AND...your house is INSANELY gorgeous. More pictures please!!!