Friday, January 23, 2009

my spend less challenge...

i am delighted to say i haven't spent any money on "stuff i don't need" in THIRTEEN days now! it's silly i'm so proud of myself because it's quite ridiculous rewarding someone for something they should be doing anyway. BUT...i am still proud because it is very hard for me and i'm still doing it! i passed up a great pair of cool, matching lamps at mar-shellz the other day even though i literally had dreams about them last night. i re-arranged my living room and brought down a lamp from upstairs (something "new" to look at) instead. after a few days, i started to realize how much i actually do have and when i really think about how lucky i am, it makes me feel content. even if only for a few minutes until the lamps re-appear in my head...


  1. Wow--good work! I just splurged on some really great lip balm yesterday--opps! Have a good weekend.

  2. Congratulations on making it so far! It doesn't seem like it should be so hard, but it is! And if the lamps are still there after the hiatus is over, then you'll know it's meant to be, right?