Thursday, January 29, 2009

more of my pillows...

i've decided to change my header on the old blog (hehe) to reflect what i'm actually doing these days. my previous header was an inside my cabinet picture, showing all my various eccentricities. at the time it seemed relevant since i had high hopes of starting an online website devoted to selling vintage goodies. i'm thinking this is not in the cards at the moment..but it will happen one day! of course, my ultimate dream is that one day i will have an actual (physical) shop. in time. anyway, since i've been obsessed lately with making pillows, i thought i should show a pillow of my own design at the top of my blog page. right? and i'm STILL super sad about domino. i'm in mourning.

1 comment:

  1. I still love your pillows and love the top of your blog page! It takes a while to get everything in balance so don't be hard on your self. You are obviously very talented! I am passing on a little award to you that was given to me. If you want to, you can pick it up at hill country house and pass on to others - if not, just take it as a friendly gesture and have a great day!