Saturday, January 17, 2009

i'm so excited about etsy!!!!

i'm making it my personal missiong today, to figure out etsy! and then i'm going to attempt to put a link on my page here...both things i've been meaning to get to for almost a month now! i'm so excited that people have been asking where to find my pillows, so here's the answer...etsy! i had this grand idea that i would start out with like twenty pillows, but that has taken far longer than i'd hoped so i'm just going to start with a few and gradually add on. (this seems to be a pattern with me) so, here's a couple pix of the new ones i just always, feedback would be greatly appreciated. i'll also be listing some vintage goodies (jewelry, etc.) and soon will be listing some of my paintings as well. (one thing at a time!!) this is so exciting!!


  1. I am still waiting! I think the pillows are so charming, but I especially love the pillow with the bird's nest. Any chance you would email me a shot with more light?

    Love the dogs pics too!

  2. they all are fabulous but i love the little red fox!