Thursday, January 22, 2009

ideas for spring...

White Petunia Balcony
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when josh & i started building our addition, we had grandiose visions of a beautiful, spacious old style balcony off our upstairs master bedroom. mid-way through the addition we changed our mind to an even bigger, almost patio-like balcony with wood instead of iron...changing the look completely. we decided to leave it be and think about it...sleep on it i guess. well, that was last year and we still have a door leading to nowhere in our bedroom! well, it leads to a plummeting drop off at the end of our house...not a welcoming sight by any means. i have to say i'm still torn on styles. i love the old world style of this one-petunias and all! i think it is italian but i also like the old english style, which is where i think we got most of our influence when building our house. then again, something completely original (which happens to be my husbands specialty!!) and a little bit modern/funky would be nice too. so here i am, spinning my wheels yet again! any ideas?

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