Monday, January 5, 2009

happy new year everyone!  (probably just my friends who are reading this : )  as i said before, i'm new to the whole blog thing, so it will most definitely take a little while for me to get the hang of it.  to be quite honest, i really didn't even know what a blog was last week! (probably shouldn't have admitted that) i should mention that i'm having a great time doing "research" on all the other blogs out there related to arts, crafts, decorating and design!  my list of blogs i adore is growing and growing...i'm trying my best not to do exactly what they're doing, but it's difficult simply because they are all doing such great work and i love it all! having said that, i think i'm going to start with pictures of my own self proclaimed crafty decorating skills...and hopefully i'll get into more ideas and a have a wider selection of other peoples skills in the short future.  i've got a million ideas so i guess i just need to start with my own stuff and go from there.  thanks for your patience and PUHLEEZE feel free to give me feedback (good OR bad). i'm going to need all the help i can get!


  1. i miss your house! it's looking so lovely!
    big smooches!!!

  2. what adorable little pics!