Monday, March 30, 2009

dogs in the garden...

dog in back garden, originally uploaded by wipeout walker.

i thought i would give some love to dogs in the garden this morning. we lost our beloved puck this past weekend and being in the garden was his (and mine) favorite place to be. my husband and i brought puck home when i was 19!!!! and josh was 24!!!!! we had JUST moved in together and he definitely completed our little family. we always called him the best dog ever because we never really had to even train him, he just always did the right things. he was truly the best friend we could have asked for and it feels like a piece of me is missing now. it will definitely be hard to get out there and garden this spring, without him following me all around the yard. we are fortunate to have our other (SIX!) babies to help us heal. and even more fortunate that we had the opportunity to be with puck for 13 long, wonderful years! so, hug and kiss your dog today and remember puck...

Two garden dogs, originally uploaded by Doxieone.

the dogs playing in the garden, originally uploaded by macetaria.

Monday, March 23, 2009

new project...

i've always wanted to paint a runner on our stairs. i LOVE the way it looks, but i've lacked faith in my painting skills. i bit the bullet yesterday, while shopping at lowe's and bought the big roll of blue painters tape. i figure now is as good a time as any to start. i love this picture (thank you, flickr)..only difference is my stairs and railings are all gray so i'm going with a white middle. i think. wish me luck!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


domino_gasl_outdoor_rooms_18, originally uploaded by cstellin.

well, my birthday is fast approaching and i'm hoping the weather will cooperate with my plans to have a nice outdoor dinner! being so early in the spring, it's up in the air until a few days before but i'm going to keep my fingers crossed for warm air and sunshine! this is my idea of a perfect outdoor dinner party....

domino, originally uploaded by coco+kelley.

Outdoor room via Domino, originally uploaded by homebug.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

random rooms i heart...more flickr goodies

Country Homes 08.jpg, originally uploaded by Tammy Manet.

it's a yuck, rainy sunday and i'm daydreaming about how to change up the rooms in my house again. i found myself searching for inspiration at flickr and here's what i've come up with so far...

Domino Nov 08.jpg, originally uploaded by Tammy Manet.

Living Room, originally uploaded by decorology.

, originally uploaded by stylecourt1.

Lovely Living Room, originally uploaded by {kay*}.

Domino Magazine Living Room, originally uploaded by Adorevintage.

Living room, originally uploaded by Minka Love.

Living room, originally uploaded by otrocalpe.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

back to school?

Desk, originally uploaded by habitually chic.

so i'm contemplating going back to school. i never finished simply because i never really knew what i wanted to be when i grew up! i still don't really, but i have always wanted to finish. of course, my dream job would be interior design but i've always been interested in psychology and that seems to be the way i'm going the meantime, the interior designer in me is happy to daydream about having the perfect desk area...

yellowdesk01, originally uploaded by corrosiveheart.

desk and bookcase via domino, originally uploaded by kat216.

Domino Magazine Desk, originally uploaded by AphroChic.

Monday, March 2, 2009

despite the snow...

Herb garden, The Wakes, originally uploaded by sandlings.

even though we got four inches of snow last night, i KNOW spring is coming. i can see the little buds on our pear trees and some bits of green on the willow tree. i can hardly wait another second for the seasonal change, so i thought it good to plan my next big project for the outdoors, a garden specifically devoted to herbs. we have a small area so we can't do anything grand, like some of these gorgeous images i found at i happen to love them all and they are all so different! looks like i've got some time to make up my mind though...

okay, so we don't really have a flat spot big enough for this...

Herb Garden, originally uploaded by john w.

love the yews in the background

Herb Garden, originally uploaded by rpaterso.

wow! i WISH!!!

Herb Garden (Samares Manor), originally uploaded by PinkyVicki.

lovely, english-y herb garden

Herb garden, originally uploaded by lovestitches.