Monday, March 2, 2009

despite the snow...

Herb garden, The Wakes, originally uploaded by sandlings.

even though we got four inches of snow last night, i KNOW spring is coming. i can see the little buds on our pear trees and some bits of green on the willow tree. i can hardly wait another second for the seasonal change, so i thought it good to plan my next big project for the outdoors, a garden specifically devoted to herbs. we have a small area so we can't do anything grand, like some of these gorgeous images i found at i happen to love them all and they are all so different! looks like i've got some time to make up my mind though...


  1. It's so exciting to see the new little buds coming up! I found some bits of tulip coming up in the yard & just smiled!

  2. i KNOW!!!! my husband & i walked around the yard (in the snow) looking for those signs of spring! and the lilac bush has little tiny leaves growing!! it's coming.....i wish it would speed up a bit though: )