Monday, March 30, 2009

dogs in the garden...

dog in back garden, originally uploaded by wipeout walker.

i thought i would give some love to dogs in the garden this morning. we lost our beloved puck this past weekend and being in the garden was his (and mine) favorite place to be. my husband and i brought puck home when i was 19!!!! and josh was 24!!!!! we had JUST moved in together and he definitely completed our little family. we always called him the best dog ever because we never really had to even train him, he just always did the right things. he was truly the best friend we could have asked for and it feels like a piece of me is missing now. it will definitely be hard to get out there and garden this spring, without him following me all around the yard. we are fortunate to have our other (SIX!) babies to help us heal. and even more fortunate that we had the opportunity to be with puck for 13 long, wonderful years! so, hug and kiss your dog today and remember puck...


  1. Oh, I am so sorry for your loss! My thoughts are with you and puck. I lost one of my dogs last year and I know how hard it can be. But there is nothing like the love of your other canines to help heal!

  2. I am so sorry about Puck. They really are part of our families, aren't they? I have a cat that is 19 so I am just waiting for the day he doesn't wake up - so sad. Did I tell you before that we, too, have 6 dogs? Pretty crazy. I have a favor to ask. Will you try something to change my name on your blog list so that is updates? If you will go to the "Page Elements" section where you add blogs to your list and change the link of mine to read then it should re-load and show my updates on your blog page. Thanks!! By the way, still loving your pillows and that painting!

  3. * Hi~ I just found your blog & enjoyed it, so I started "back-reading"... I saw the pic of your precious Puck & then read about your heartbreaking loss. I am such a dog-lover (to the "nth" degree) that you must know I am sincere in saying how very sad I am that you are now without him... my heart goes out to you soooo much. I wish we could be with our babies for life. My heartfelt thoughts are with you and your husband. Blessings, Linda in AZ *