Tuesday, July 28, 2009

i know this isn't a fashion blog, but.......

it's been a while since my last post (hi, momma!!!) but i can't pass up an opportunity to blog about my favorite bachelorette, jillian and her jen approved pick, ed! yes, i know i should be too embarrased to admit i actually watch the bachelorette, but i can't help myself. i liked ed from the beginning and i was so happy jillian picked him. the episode before last was a little bit of a kick in the pants...the one where ed busts out his green, douchey girl shorts but as far as i'm concerned, he redeemed himself when he picked out that gorgeous engagement ring! and i don't want to talk too much about the bachelorette, but i know half the reason i tuned in every week was to see what jillian was wearing! okay, i was obsessed. i wish i was shorter and svelter and had access to that closet of hers! every week i was amazed at how great she looked and wished i could get my hands on those dresses, skirts, shorts and tops! they could take the boys OUT of the show and just call it, clothes you know you want. right?

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