Tuesday, February 10, 2009


so i'm looking for something to cheer up this blog. i think because to me, this is the worst part of the year. the last month of winter. i am sick of looking out my window to see non-grass and bloomless branches. i can hardly wait for color and buds and green grass, oh my! even my koi fish are coming to the top of their water fountain lately, hoping the water will hurry up and warm up!! i couldn't agree more. it's this time of year when i realize how much i've missed the outdoors...when i look forward to getting outside and doing what i love to do most, gardening! part of my love for gardening is a love for photographing my gardens! so, i have a ton of pictures to look at, which usually makes me crave the spring even more!! i know you can't force it, but a girl can dream....

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  1. I hope it comes soon too! These pictures make me want it even more.